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American Heart (by Nathanael L. Photography)

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Because race car!!

If you’re wondering about the S-tune badge, back in the day, you used to be able to go to the Nismo Omori factory and buy tuning packages for your car. There was a small reboot, then the S-tune and R-tune packages, then a trickle-down ‘GT500’ package if I’m not mistaken.
Most common are the S/R tune packages, within which were separate off-the-shelf motors and suspension packages.
You could mix and match the packages. For example, it was possible to have an R-tune motor and the S-tune suspension. Omori was notorious for being pretty lax with their optioning. A fellow club member was chasing up history info on his V-specII N1 and found that Omori didn’t even keep records of a lot of their customer cars.
Photo by: Me, at the 100mmevent, February 22, Melbourne Australia.
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Southern Worthersee 2014 by AJ Hill - Blacklight Propaganda Photography on Flickr.